Small Business Bootcamp 24 April

by Louise Brooks on 07/02/2012

Bake are hosting the Marketing component of this workshop, with business training specialists Faculty One running the event.  The aim of this course is to provide SMEs with the essential tools and knowledge required for business success. The workshop comprises 3 sessions: Finance, Marketing and Presentation Skills.

Lunch and refreshments will be included.

Date: Tuesday 24th April 2012
Location: O2 Business Hub, Tottenham Court Road W1
Time: 9.30am – 5.00pm
Cost: £120



Session One:
Critical Financial Skills
Hosted by Deborah Morton-Dare, Faculty One Trainer 

Do you have the financial understanding and skills which mean the difference between success and failure? Many businesses that are failing today or not achieving their full potential could have a very different outcome if the management understand a few key financial concepts.

Making profit is not good enough

  • Understand the difference between profits and cash – the commonest cause of failure is lack of cash, not lack of sales or profits. Indeed success can be a cause of lack of cash.
  • Understand the interaction of profits, cashflow and funding in the success of your business
  • Understand financial jargon and the important messages to get from your accounts/accountant and what questions should you be asking and why?

 Management reporting within the business

  • Does yours drive the implementation of your strategy and the success of your business? Or is it just an exercise for the accountants?
  • Do you clearly identify your KPI’s and report on whether you have succeeded in achieving them
  • Does your reporting cause you to make decisions and take action?
  • Is it just an historic exercise or is it an essential tool in the future success of your business?
Session Two:
Selling Your Business and You
Hosted by Marcia Tucker, Faculty One Trainer

Like the majority of businesses many hours are spent getting people to buy your products and services.
  • Are you the best advert for your business? When investors and customers make decisions they choose to invest in the person as well as the business.
  • Are you making the right impression each and every time you meet investors and clients? Are you confident in your ability to sell yourself and so sell your business and services?

Remember it is not what you say it is how you say it. Your body language, tone and posture all play apart in how your message is heard by the person you are communicating with.This session will help you understand how you can sell yourself and communicate more effectively to your customers.

  • You will understand the importance of positive body language.
  • You will create and practise your individual message so you can speak about your business with passion and enthusiasm – ready for that next networking session and business meeting.

Session 3:
Marketing Your Business
Hosted by Louise Brooks, Marketing Consultant @ Bake

Many businesses know they need to market their business and how important it is. How do you know that you are using the best marketing tools and strategies to promote your business services?

  • How do you let your customers know about you and your services?
  • Are your customers shouting about the service you deliver?
  • Are you delivering the objectives of your marketing plan?
  • Confused by social media & how to make it effective for your business?

This session will:

  • Explain the importance of having a working marketing plan and how to implement it effectively.
  • Explain how to identify target customers clearly to focus on ROI, and how to choose the right market for you and your individual service.
  • Explore new ways to market your business and get others to market you. You will be shown the benefits of Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook.

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