Breaking News… We won Portas Pilot funding!

by Louise Brooks on 25/07/2012

Sydenham, Kirkdale and Forest Hill have been successful in the 2nd round bid for Portas Pilot funding

We received the call yesterday and we’re all really excited about initiating our planned projects.

Key elements of the bid were:

1. Jack and Jill Community Hubs

Images courtesy of Lee Newham of Designed by Good People.
Two community hubs in Forest Hill and Sydenham in empty units, renovated for creative community engagement, exhibitions, showcasing local products, business workshops, ‘pop-up’ events and a Town Team base.  The brainchild of Ed Holloway, architect at Beep Studio, the model is partly inspired by Stirchley Prospects.

2. The Shop Revolution

This is the idea that has been evolved by Bake with members of the Empty Shops Group, now known as The Shop Revolution.

12 vacant units renovated and let to an eclectic mix of businesses and organisations as part of large scale pop up project over one month. The aim is to reposition the high streets as a destination for the duration of the project, showcase ideas for using empty shops and to act as a springboard for new businesses.

3. Market Makers

An initiative to develop a range of markets across Sydenham, Kirkdale and Forest Hill with subsidy and incentives for stall-holders.

What Now?

If you’d like to be involved, find out more or become a member of the Town Team let us know.  We’ll forward your details on to the appropriate folks.

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